Intensive English Program

If you are studying with a F1 or F2 visa status you can choose from the following:

We offer two different insurance company plans. Some plans with and some without COVID-19 benefit.

WorldTrips: As of May 2020, these plans include COVID-19 benefit for the insureds showing signs or symptoms. The testing and treatment is the same coverage as any other sickness or illness, click here.

Seven Corners: Least expensive plan for those age 24 and older (does not include benefit for COVID-19),

Seven Corners: Includes benefit for COVID-19, SARS-COV-2 and any mutation or variation of SARS-COV-2,

If you do not have a F1 or F2 visa status you can choose from the following,

With all of the plans….once you have enrolled online you will receive, via email, your policy and insurance ID card.

Plans provide benefit for physician visit, hospital, ER, Rx, surgery, etc… case of an illness, sickness, accident or injury.

You can call our office anytime with questions,