At Insurance for College Students (IFCS) we offer a variety of comprehensive, cost- effective insurance plans. We have built a solid reputation by providing medical health insurance for college students, individuals, families and groups throughout the United States.

IFCS earns the confidence of our clients by delivering superior customer service and First – rate products. We offer an extensive range of major medical health insurance, Dental insurance, Short term insurance, Life insurance and Travel insurance programs. Our commitment to you is simple: Provide each client with the resources needed to manage their insurance risks effectively.

IFCS provides insurance consultation and service experience to our clients. Our agents are committed to bring you the most comprehensive insurance plan weighing the risk and the rate. All of our insurance programs are underwritten by Strong, A.M. Best Review, rated companies. Our underwriters have been designing, marketing, administering, and servicing insurance programs for over 50 years. Utilizing our healthcare industry experience not only as insurance agents but also serving at a major university Student Health Center, we are able to provide our clients the expertise expected.

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We have served on many local boards including Chamber of Commerce, High School Advisory, and Youth Sport programs.