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Welcome! Thank you for visiting our site. We offer two plans. Value Med does not meet the ACA requirements. MEC does meet the minimum requirements.

You can call our office with any questions, 561-901-4900

Value Med: To obtain a quote on the Value Med plan, click here.

This plan allows you to purchase a sickness and accident plan on a monthly basis for as long as you need the plan. When you complete the application process you will receive notification, via email, that your application has been received. Within 2-5 business days you will receive a second email indicating the status of the application approval process. Once approved you will then have your packet (ID card, certificate) mailed to your home address on file. Please note, this insurance carrier does not accept credit card payment…only payment is via checking or saving account.

The plan includes benefit for Physician, Lab, Ambulance and Hospital. There is no deductible with this plan. In addition, you can go to any provider. This plan does not meet ACA requirements.


Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC)

This plan meets the minimum essential guidelines under the Affordable Care Act. Please be sure to view the plan benefits on the video. Once you submit the application you will then be notified of the status of your application. Once approved you will receive your ID card and policy.

To obtain a quote and apply for the MEC plan, click here.